Baron new system of waste collection control, assures an accurate control of the quantity of waste thrown away for every user, and it enables to control one’s percentage of waste separate collection through the dedicated software. Baron new system is applicable in existing underground waste containers; it is provided with user identification control electronic, and also with electromechanical open-close device. The waste container up-side opening leads to an internal compartment; up-side opening compartment isn’t influenced by the weighing system, it isn’t thus possible to vary weight with external manual interventions. Inside compartment is supported by certified load cells. Users are identified by RF-ID transponder. During waste collection phases, user interface communicates with 2 light led (green/red) switched on in the control panel. After the weighing and with stable weight, the converter allows junction box to open the opening cover. Users are identified thanks to an authorization list in the database memory (whitelist), where is indicated who/where can collect waste. Baron system can be metrologically certified, because all device components correspond to EU Metric Directives: this allows to use the weight in relation with third party.
User identification with badge transponder 125 khz;
Parameters planning via wireless or remote control;
Opening device with high security and resistance;
Certified weighing system;
Automated weighing with top cover closing, green light led switched on, and unlock for container unloading;
Independent and programmable data transfer via GPRS;
Energy autonomy, thanks to the self-alimentation with photovoltaic cells and storage battery;
Functions without any risk for users;
Instructions in Braille writing for blind users;
Protection degree IP 67 for electronic devices, with a protecting cover.