Sergio Baron recalls:

“There are reasons for believing that there was a Baron family operating with their sons in the wrought iron and weighbridge field right from the beginning of the nineteenth century.
“It is known that there was a weighbridge builder, VITTORIO, around the middle of the nineteenth century, under the vaults of the Basilica Palladiana facing Piazza della Erbe. He worked until old age also constructing “weighbridges for carts” for the Vicentine councils.
“His brother RICCARDO, great-great grandfather of the current generation that carries the name forward, also worked in Vicenza. His last shop in Via Luna in front of Casa Pigafetta can still be recalled.
“We can trace and follow the story of the life and works of GIUSEPPE (born in 1879) from the beginning of the last century.
“He was already at work in his company for the production of scales and weighbridges during the years before the Great War, and handled their sale personally.” Giuseppe travelled throughout the Veneto to publicize his products, initially on the saddle of a bicycle and then on a Triumph motorbike.
“Giuseppe travelled to Germany, visiting fairs and seeking new samples in his search for new products and markets.”
Giuseppe designed and distributed interesting measurement systems during his years in business: the “milk distributor”, an apparatus for measuring the quantity of milk when selling to private customers; and the “pychnometer”, a system for determining the specific weight of cereals, conceived and produced during the “Battle for Grain” promoted by the fascist regime in 1925. During the early decades of the twentieth century Baron held the maintenance contract for the weighing systems in the Marzotto woollen mills and the Eridania national sugar mill group.
However the arrival of the Second World War brought a period of great difficulty both for the country and for the company. The young were called up, the market was blocked and bombardments destroyed goods and infrastructures. Inflation brought trade to its knees and Baron’s recovery was long and difficult.
GIUSEPPE passed the company to his son SERGIO (b. 1921) who still sits at the Baron desk and types the story of this family on his faithful typewriter.

“My job in my father’s company was to follow sales and maintenance.”

SERGIO dedicated himself to growing the company by constantly updating the products which were rapidly changing in terms of technology and electronics. He recalls that in 1948, during his honeymoon in France: “Having arrived at Bèthune we were received by Monsieur and Madame Autrebon, proprietors of AEQUITEAS –Manifacture d’Horologerie which produced automatic platform scales. (…) They decided that I was the right person to represent their company in Italy and showed me their works and study-office where a mature professor of physics from the Sorbonne was putting into practice his studies on the transmission of pulses in materials subjected to traction. These were the precursors of the LOADING CELLS which were put into practical use in weighing systems many years later.”
SERGIO ran the company for many years and undertook the purchase of a site where he built a large factory in which to develop the brand. His sons ANDREA and GIUSEPPE joined the company in the sixties and split the business into two branches, weighing and refrigeration.
A historic snowfall in 1985 destroyed the new factory but once again the company pulled up its sleeves and managed to rise again from the great damage.
We have now reached the present day.
In the weighing field, ANDREA continued after the split “to work in the industrial weighing field and brought innovation and modernization to the systems. At present he is focussing particular attention to the ecology sector, investigating technologies and continuous innovations.”
When you read our history you will understand the amount of commitment and responsibility that Baron dedicates to its profession.
From the weighbridge to computerized weighing systems, from cart weighing systems to vehicle on-board devices: one hundred and fifty years of commitment and tradition. Following the history of Italy and the evolution of the nation’s industry, accompanying the transformation of technology, four Baron generations have brought their company to what it is today: a solid brand respected in the market, and a synonym of reliability and innovation.

BARON, a history one hundred and fifty years long.