AXB100- Unità di controllo peso e sovraccarico

AXB100 is an electronic device, it was designed to monitor the load on the single axis and the overall load, moreover it calculates its distribution in percentage on the truck body.
AXB100 displays both overall weigh and singular load of the vehicle, indicating the distribution on the axles.
The device can be applied on vehicles equipped with air suspension, mechanical suspension or mixed suspension. Electrical power supply can be either 12V or 24V.
AXB100 can be applied on two, three or four axle vehicles.
The device is managed by a firmware which can implement additional functionalities according to the needs of the case.

DESCRIPTION: Electronic unit with micro-processor and backlit graphic display, mini keyboard, internal clock with battery, digital overload output, data port for printer / external device, A / D 16-bit four-channel converter to manage up to 4 axes vehicle.
It has a flash-EPROM memory that stores the calibration parameters, configuration data and through a password-protected access can edit the data at any time, for example, for periodic controls or calibration or changes on the vehicle body.
It displays the overall weight of the vehicle or the weight of the single load, the percentage of the global burden compared to the maximum capacity and the distribution of the weight on the axles expressed in weight and as a percentage.
It manages pre-alarm weight thresholds, per axle and global, expressed on the display and sound alerts and an overload alarm that controls a digital output signal (OUT1). This signal is useful in the event of interfacing with other onboard devices.
The basic version has an optional thermal roll printer to report on paper the weight values present at the time when the print is commanded by acting on the button.