Baron mobile weighing systems are designed and developed according to the customer’s specific needs: our company can draw on great experience in the sector and a vast range of solutions developed for every type of vehicle and this makes it possible to propose the most suitable product for your needs.
Our company can count of fifteen years’ experience in the vehicle on-board weighing sector, and hundreds of customers in Italy and abroad with more than one thousand systems installed.
Baron vehicle on-board weighing systems optimize waste management and differentiated collection. They provide the ideal solution for mountain communities or for bodies responsible for the collection for several council areas: by permitting the control and printout of partial or total data, they make it possible to calculate the production of waste for every individual entity (council, area, user) with precision.
In this way, our systems make invoicing and paying possible on the basis of an exact and certified weight, with the printout of the bill on the spot.
They also facilitate the management of operating costs and economic analyses because it is possible to analyze the profitability of the work carried out by means of control weighings.
The weighing system can be integrated at the customer’s discretion with our container identification system as well as with our fleet management software, to obtain automatic and electronic management of the collection service.

Our team of technicians takes care of all the operations linked to assembly and support for the weighing systems. We can also provide all the periodical metric checking procedures.

On board weighing systems