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Baron consignment control systems are electro-mechanical locking devices with identification of the user. They are self-powered and provided with electronic recognition.
By selecting our consignment control systems towns have the advantage that they can reuse the existing street containers without being forced to purchase the whole chain of new equipment required by differentiated door to door collection.
A database resident in the device’s memory defines a list of users who can use the container/s in a given area and/or the number of skips (whitelist). Users are free to consign the waste at whatever time is most suitable for them.
All the mechanical parts used are made of stainless steel and special antiwear materials are fitted in the moving parts of the devices to guarantee their long life.COMMON FEATURES OF THE SYSTEMS:
• Energetic autonomy thanks to the photovoltaic power supply;
• Intuitive opening by inserting an RF-ID card into a slot or flashing an RF-ID key-ring dongle;
• Electronic control of the filling level by means of a specific sensor;
• Independent data transmission (consignment codes with date-time-encrypted identification code-filling state-battery charge) programmable via GPRS, for remote operating checks;
• Internal system memory which can record months of consignments in the event of failure of the data transmission system;
• Technology without physical connections and without manual components or activities for downloading data;
• User interface with luminous LEDs or with acoustic signalling;
• Accessibility to the consignment control systems by handicapped users by means of specific openings;
• Useful and cheap card or key-ring dongle for opening.


The Baron automatic CC1 and CC2 devices are the solutions our company offers for managing waste in commercial and industrial areas. Both systems prevent the consignment of waste by unauthorized users. In the case of the CC1 locking system, the user can be identified in an automatic manner using a badge or, as a cheaper option, manually using an access key.
The CC1 device is an ideal solution for industrial areas where users normally produce voluminous waste.
The CC2, on the other hand, is an opening device with a hatch, the most suitable option for commercial users.

The BARON CCD automatic opening device discourages the disposal of irregular material in containers provided for differentiated collection.
Because of the identification process the opening system acts as a control of the differentiated consignment system.