This Data management software assists the user in managing information of containers identification.
It provides a procedure (which can be installed on a laptop) with the relevant data of users (master code, name, address, number, ID code. / VAT, containers / services used); the laptop is connected to the transponder reader. Binding and delivery phases can be summarized as:
At the matching time a container is selected to install a transponder on it;
Read the transponder code and give the confirmation;
the handheld system associate the container to the transponder code creating a new complete database;
data is stored in a table which is imported to update the office database.
This procedure permits to make associations without manually typing any information related to them.
The “EVACUATION” procedure enables management of withdrawals detection made by reading systems on board vehicles and / or manual system. Every container to evacuate is previously associated to his user trough a univocal code.
Data which is detected on board of the vehicle during the collection is recorded on storage media and downloaded to the company PC.
The software receives weighing and identification data, it presents them on screen during the reception to highlight which data has been received and which is still missing. This data is then stored directly into the software and processed in order to be assigned to the respective users.
Downloaded data are: ID container code, evacuation date, weigh/ volume, waste code.
Inside the procedure, after the import, it is possible to see evacuations associated to every user.
Moreover it is possible to make statistical analysis about made withdrawals with association of time, user, address, container, type of waste.
Database can be transferred on computer support as excel or access file.