Transponders are passive read-only chips that are used for identification of bins and containers. Our company has designed and successfully tested several enclosures for transponders that ensure reliability and durability.
Baron transponder housing respects UNI regulations.
Our support model is composed of a cylindrical enclosure with internal thread size 30 mm, outer 14 x 30,5. It’s characterized by a wide-pitch thread on the circumference to facilitate tightening and provide security against losses due to shaking of the containers. The transponder is inserted inside the housing, immersed in epoxy resin for electronic components.
The top of the housing has a carved cross for tightening with key, which you’ll find in the supply kit.
The cross has a different thickness to identify the orientation of the transponder.
Each transponder has inside its own ISO standard code, unique in the world.
When the hook reaches the container, the antenna reads the code and transmits the data to the onboard system.