Weigh and Travel is the new fleet management platform, the ideal partner for organizing and managing collection services. The software has been designed particularly for assisted navigation in order to permit interaction with the driver and receive information in real time on the activity being carried out while also optimizing the service on routes the driver is not familiar with. It is a real-time fleet tracking and management application based on an optimized web interface for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

Logistical management of the routes
Vehicle fleet tracking and management
GPS position processing and data transmission every 15 seconds or in accordance with the setting
Real-time navigation and positioning
Comparison between the service completed and predefined one
Assisted navigation
Management of voice communications
Transmission of weighing events and identification of the containers
Memorization of data for 30 days for on board PC in the event of communications failure
Location of fixed and/or wheeled containers
Reporting of faults in the management of peripherals
Creation of databases for analyses – statistics – management control
Exportation of data to management SW with the possibility of record trace adaptation
The software makes it possible to acquire a set of information on the state of the devices, including:
identification and state of the device, date and time of the last update, group the device belongs to and its description, speed measured in km/k, direction expressed in degrees. Type of action carried out by the device: weighing the skip – weighing on completion of the council area – skip code, information on the locality where the work is being carried out, and recording precoded messages.
The software makes it possible to set operating routes and positions, and then the system itself controls compliance with the predefined operating times and stops. Every measurement point is characterized by a specific colour which indicates the state of the unit at the moment of acquisition of the information (route start point, vehicle in movement, vehicle stopped, route end point, weighing event and identification of the containers). The anomalies are shown on the “Historical route” in real time, thereby making it possible to advise the driver by text or voice message of any itinerary change.
The WEB SERVER SOFTWARE is complete with an SQL database. This option allows customers to buy the software directly from their own server for the operation of the system.
Our company carries out a systems activity for the installation and for adapting the server software / routing / firewalling components on your existing IT structure. We also propose online support and software updating (10% annually). Weigh and Travel has a customized interface for customers-councils and display and printouts reserved for customers-councils.
The software, which requires a normal internet broadband connection, does not imply any installation of additional packages in the user station and can also be consulted from any connection point in the world. Weigh and Travel on the web is a WEB CLIENT SOFTWARE application, a solution available for a monthly charge that depends on the number of location systems installed.